Cracking Tips To Lose Weight With Ayurvedic Diet

Do you know every food can affect your body differently as per the time it is consumed? According to ancient Ayurvedic theory, the factors like what you eat, how you eat and when you eat have a great impact to the overall wellness of the body. Ayurvedic Nutrition Sydney is an ancient diet plan which is already time-tested for its efficiency. It is a great weapon to fight against modern day global epidemic – obesity. It is the natural way to promote good health as well as lose weight by practicing mindful eating rituals.

How does Ayurvedic diet help to lose weight?

This ancient ‘science of life’ will help you have a holistic approach towards wellness. According to Ayurvedic Nutrition Sydney, you need to incorporate different healthy practices to your eating routine. Here are some guidelines which you need to follow in this weight loss regime.

  • You have to take six tastes in your daily meal i.e sweet, salty, bitter, sour, pungent and astringent.
  • While eating, you have to avoid talking, laughter or any other activities and concentrate on the food only.
  • You need to eat enough slowly to relish the taste.
  • You need to eat enough quickly so that food doesn’t get cold
  • Avoid overeating
  • Have the next meal only after the digestion of your previous meal

These are the basic guidelines of the diet system. To get more information, you can consult any Ayurvedic Nutrition specialist in Sydney for a customized diet plan.

Ayurvedic Diet Tips for Weight Loss:

The first rule of the Ayurvedic diet is to listen and understand your body and eat accordingly. Here are some tips which you can follow to shed those extra kilos:

  • Start your day with a glass of warm water with lemon juice to boost the digestive system.
  • Avoid snacking and eat only three meals a day
  • Start eating seasonal and regional foods
  • Don’t eat anything after sunset.
  • Have a short walk after every meal
  • Have lots of fresh, organic and whole grains and vegetables and avoid processed food

Along with the diet, it will be more effective to have moderate exercise to break a sweat.

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The Holistic Approach Of Stress Management That You Must Follow

Stress is part and parcel of everyday life of a cosmopolitan population. There are lots of factors that make us stressed like anxiety for our dependent family members, our personal medical conditions, urge to maintain a specific standard of living, objective to meet our official commitments, and so on.

Thus, in a way it can be said that the duty to meet these obvious needs of life makes us stressed. Unfortunately, there is no escape from these stress causing factors. The best way is to seek assistance through a holistic approach.


Make meditation a part of a daily regime. Select a peaceful location in your area for the purpose that will be away from any sort of commotion or disturbance. Similarly, select a specific time of the day when you can meditate attentively. This quality time that you spend with yourself everyday will surely help in calming done your adrenals and making you stress free.


Mind your diet if you wish to stay away from stress. Refrain from consuming fast food , high in sugar and salt everyday as the excess oil, spices and fats in it will affect your physical condition. But when you consume a healthy diet that is enriched with dietary proteins, vitamins and fibres, it will make your system healthy and maintain an appropriate balance of nutrients that the body can utilise. Eventually, your stress response will be better managed.


When your internal metabolism remains healthy, your stress decreases. Exercise is extremely vital in order to maintain a healthy metabolism. Therefore, spare at least ten minutes every day to pursue exercise of any form which may be as simple as brisk walking, jogging or cycling. Besides, regulating your internal metabolism, exercise will also help in regularizing your stress hormones and neurotransmitters, and cut down the percentage of bad cholesterol in your blood stream, all of which are factors that increase stress.

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Tips On Becoming Your Own Life Coach

You can make your life happier and tackle your stress and tensions properly if you can become your own life coach. Let us tell you in this regard that life coaching is all about encouraging someone to be positive towards life and work towards self improvement.
When you become your own life coach, you can also follow the same technique by starting to believe in yourself. Here are some ways of becoming your own life coach. Start reading ahead.

Abandon pessimism

We all know that life is unpredictable and what awaits us at the turn of a corner. But it is never advised that you will assume there is darkness at the turn of the corner. When you become your own Life coach Sydney , you have to think optimistically.

Therefore, be positive and assume that the turn that life has taken will lead you to a more successful and prosperous way.

Make achievable goals

When you miss a target that you set, it makes you depressed. Take lessons from this and try to understand your own limits. You must realise here that every individual has certain fixed capacities and capabilities, and cannot go beyond it. Therefore setting unachievable targets for yourself indirectly makes it obvious that you may never achieve the goal and would rather end up meeting repeated dejections.

This is not the way you should move ahead when you become your life coach. Rather, you need to assign small and achievable life goals for yourself so that they make you overjoyed and more encouraged when you achieve them one after the other.

Avoid negative association

Stay away from people and situations that make you sad and depressed. Avoid associations that make you pessimistic instead of encouraging you to look at things from a positive angle. Abandon associations that demoralize you or question your abilities. Stop meeting people who only find flaws in you and never find anything worth appreciating. Whether you accept it or not, such negative situations will only make you more stressed and unconfident rather than instilling the assurance in you that yes you can do it.

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Women’s Health And Its Improvement

When we discuss women’s health, there are lot of different factors that need to be considered from what males need in order to stay healthy. There are various ways for a female to improve her well-being. These ways assure to have wonderful effects on not only her physical well-being but also to the emotional and psychological progress.

Women need to pay more attention to certain aspects in order to keep a healthy body both internally and externally.
Diet and nutrition: women have all together a different set of caloric needs as compared to men. Women require less calories and fats. However, women need a lot more calcium, minerals and iron in their diet. Iron is essential since women have menstrual cycles, which could cause excess blood loss leading to anaemia, weakness and other issues.

Medical awareness: Women are more prone to diseases than men are. Even an uncomplicated reproductive infection may result into severe complications if not treated on time. Same goes with the breast tenderness and pain.

Safe Sex: various sexually transmitted diseases, vaginal pain, AIDS are some of the few issues which may cause some serious issues in the body. Hence, having safe sex is crucial for women’s health and well-being. Frequent abortions or consumption of pills could lead to chronic issues.
Workouts: Workouts are equally important for women to attain good metabolic health, blood flow and overall well-being. Women who do not get involved in regular workouts and physical activities acquire high chances of having diabetes, high blood pressure and aching knees.

These are easy and simple measures if adopted could improve the well being of females. You can even opt for the Women’s Health Doctor in Sydney for measures that are more precise. For more information visit

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Why Ayurvedic Nutrition Is What This World Needs Right Now?

The century old idiom, “Eat to live, not live to eat,” often attributed to Benjamin Franklin, highlights the essence of intelligent dietary habits that help you sustain a healthy and an active body for the longest period of time. When you dig a little deeper and try to find a correlation between this idiom and ‘Ayurvedic Nutrition’, you would discover a subtle commonness between them.

Ayurvedic nutrition, just like this idiom, emphasizes on the fact that ahara (food) is the sustainer of life. It involves a greater use of intelligence and self-control to achieve what is known as fulfillment. The cardinal principle that underlines ayurvedic nutrition is the belief, “you are what you eat.” This principle governs the dietary plans that are advised by the leading ayurvedic practitioners.

The food that you eat should be eaten with gratitude; it must be fresh, made of quality ingredients and should be cooked affectionately. Each herb or a food item has an impact on the elemental doshas (fundamental bio-elements, mind-body combinations). The central concept of Ayurvedic medicine is the theory that health exists when there is a balance between three fundamental bodily bio-elements or doshas. Different food items have a different impact on doshas, therefore calling for a customized approach towards forming an ayurvedic diet to find the right balance.

Individualistic Approach to discover the right nutrition

One size doesn’t fit all. Nothing is right for everyone, everything is right for someone. This underlying principle is what distinguishes ayurvedic nutrition from other modern nutritional approaches. Individually tailored food program is what is necessary to find a proper diet and lifestyle. Ayurveda is aimed at helping each individual discover what works for them, and not what works for everyone. The former is a realistic approach whereas, latter is a utopian concept not meant for this world.

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Ayurvedic Nutrition: A Conscious Way Of Living

Foundation of Ayurvedic nutrition:

It is based on the concept that ”you are what you eat”. Your body, mind and soul acts depending on the results of what, when, where, how and why you eat.

As per Ayurveda your food should be eaten with gratitude and it must be fresh, of good quality, digestible, affectionately cooked and satisfies your taste buds.

The balanced approach:

Ayurvedic nutrition focuses on a well-balanced approach for preparing, eating and digesting the food depending on the distinct Doshas, together with the time of day, climate, seasons, and the place where one lives.

Why Ayurvedic Nutrition is the better approach?

The major problem with other nutritional approaches is that they do not pay attention on the individual’s constitution. Majority modern day nutritional approaches believe in ”one size fits all”. No matter what the body type, size, shape and eating habits of an individual are, they provide the same regime to everyone.

It is important to understand as an individual and as a practitioner that every person digests and assimilates food in a different way. Sadly, modern nutrition does not consider individualised diet plans.

Ayurvedic Nutrition has a customized approach for every body type and every individual depending on his or her Dosha (vata, pitta or Kapha).

The methodology behind this is a structured diet depending on the individual’s metabolic functions. This approach offers benefits by rejuvenating the body and treating several health disorders such as food allergies, indigestion, skin problems, fatigue and many more.

Holistic practitioners of Sivanna Health provide the diet in accordance with the various principles such as cooking of food, nature of food, quantity and many other things. To know more or to avail their services visit

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Digestive System Disorders

Digestive disorders can be painful. The symptoms ca be very disabling. Common symptoms consist of constipation, diarrhoea blood in the stools and intense abdominal pain. Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS is the most common disorder. It is not perilous, but the pain experienced is tormenting and devastating. As per the various studies, IBS can be triggered through periods of stress or anxiety.

A combination of lifestyle and dietary alterations, stress management, and pain reduction procedures, and cognitive therapy are some of the most useful healing approaches.

Treating digestive system disorders should start with ruling out more serious diagnosis such as cancer, ulcers or gallbladder disease. Active participation of the patient is required in order to cure digestive disorders successfully. To bring the symptoms under control, patients are required to make certain lifestyle and dietary changes. Symptoms of Irritable bowel syndrome should not be overlooked even if they are common. One of the usual signals underlying stresses is digestive pain, which is usually ignored by many of us. Various people today are suffering from some sort of anxiety or depression or panic. Depression or anxiety being at epidemic level could further worsen the digestive disorder. There are various digestive disorders from which people are suffering on a regular basis such as constipation, bloated stomach, gas issues anal fissures and colitis.

Correcting lifestyle habits and introducing a proper diet could considerably improve the digestive system and avert the chances of being prone to issues related to digestion. Sivanna health care centre offers a holistic approach to heal and cure the digestive system disorders. To know more visit

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