Women’s Health And Its Improvement

When we discuss women’s health, there are lot of different factors that need to be considered from what males need in order to stay healthy. There are various ways for a female to improve her well-being. These ways assure to have wonderful effects on not only her physical well-being but also to the emotional and psychological progress.

Women need to pay more attention to certain aspects in order to keep a healthy body both internally and externally.
Diet and nutrition: women have all together a different set of caloric needs as compared to men. Women require less calories and fats. However, women need a lot more calcium, minerals and iron in their diet. Iron is essential since women have menstrual cycles, which could cause excess blood loss leading to anaemia, weakness and other issues.

Medical awareness: Women are more prone to diseases than men are. Even an uncomplicated reproductive infection may result into severe complications if not treated on time. Same goes with the breast tenderness and pain.

Safe Sex: various sexually transmitted diseases, vaginal pain, AIDS are some of the few issues which may cause some serious issues in the body. Hence, having safe sex is crucial for women’s health and well-being. Frequent abortions or consumption of pills could lead to chronic issues.
Workouts: Workouts are equally important for women to attain good metabolic health, blood flow and overall well-being. Women who do not get involved in regular workouts and physical activities acquire high chances of having diabetes, high blood pressure and aching knees.

These are easy and simple measures if adopted could improve the well being of females. You can even opt for the Women’s Health Doctor in Sydney for measures that are more precise. For more information visit http://www.sivannahealth.com.au

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Why Ayurvedic Nutrition Is What This World Needs Right Now?

The century old idiom, “Eat to live, not live to eat,” often attributed to Benjamin Franklin, highlights the essence of intelligent dietary habits that help you sustain a healthy and an active body for the longest period of time. When you dig a little deeper and try to find a correlation between this idiom and ‘Ayurvedic Nutrition’, you would discover a subtle commonness between them.

Ayurvedic nutrition, just like this idiom, emphasizes on the fact that ahara (food) is the sustainer of life. It involves a greater use of intelligence and self-control to achieve what is known as fulfillment. The cardinal principle that underlines ayurvedic nutrition is the belief, “you are what you eat.” This principle governs the dietary plans that are advised by the leading ayurvedic practitioners.

The food that you eat should be eaten with gratitude; it must be fresh, made of quality ingredients and should be cooked affectionately. Each herb or a food item has an impact on the elemental doshas (fundamental bio-elements, mind-body combinations). The central concept of Ayurvedic medicine is the theory that health exists when there is a balance between three fundamental bodily bio-elements or doshas. Different food items have a different impact on doshas, therefore calling for a customized approach towards forming an ayurvedic diet to find the right balance.

Individualistic Approach to discover the right nutrition

One size doesn’t fit all. Nothing is right for everyone, everything is right for someone. This underlying principle is what distinguishes ayurvedic nutrition from other modern nutritional approaches. Individually tailored food program is what is necessary to find a proper diet and lifestyle. Ayurveda is aimed at helping each individual discover what works for them, and not what works for everyone. The former is a realistic approach whereas, latter is a utopian concept not meant for this world.

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Ayurvedic Nutrition: A Conscious Way Of Living

Foundation of Ayurvedic nutrition:

It is based on the concept that ”you are what you eat”. Your body, mind and soul acts depending on the results of what, when, where, how and why you eat.

As per Ayurveda your food should be eaten with gratitude and it must be fresh, of good quality, digestible, affectionately cooked and satisfies your taste buds.

The balanced approach:

Ayurvedic nutrition focuses on a well-balanced approach for preparing, eating and digesting the food depending on the distinct Doshas, together with the time of day, climate, seasons, and the place where one lives.

Why Ayurvedic Nutrition is the better approach?

The major problem with other nutritional approaches is that they do not pay attention on the individual’s constitution. Majority modern day nutritional approaches believe in ”one size fits all”. No matter what the body type, size, shape and eating habits of an individual are, they provide the same regime to everyone.

It is important to understand as an individual and as a practitioner that every person digests and assimilates food in a different way. Sadly, modern nutrition does not consider individualised diet plans.

Ayurvedic Nutrition has a customized approach for every body type and every individual depending on his or her Dosha (vata, pitta or Kapha).

The methodology behind this is a structured diet depending on the individual’s metabolic functions. This approach offers benefits by rejuvenating the body and treating several health disorders such as food allergies, indigestion, skin problems, fatigue and many more.

Holistic practitioners of Sivanna Health provide the diet in accordance with the various principles such as cooking of food, nature of food, quantity and many other things. To know more or to avail their services visit www.sivannahealth.com.au

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Digestive System Disorders

Digestive disorders can be painful. The symptoms ca be very disabling. Common symptoms consist of constipation, diarrhoea blood in the stools and intense abdominal pain. Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS is the most common disorder. It is not perilous, but the pain experienced is tormenting and devastating. As per the various studies, IBS can be triggered through periods of stress or anxiety.

A combination of lifestyle and dietary alterations, stress management, and pain reduction procedures, and cognitive therapy are some of the most useful healing approaches.

Treating digestive system disorders should start with ruling out more serious diagnosis such as cancer, ulcers or gallbladder disease. Active participation of the patient is required in order to cure digestive disorders successfully. To bring the symptoms under control, patients are required to make certain lifestyle and dietary changes. Symptoms of Irritable bowel syndrome should not be overlooked even if they are common. One of the usual signals underlying stresses is digestive pain, which is usually ignored by many of us. Various people today are suffering from some sort of anxiety or depression or panic. Depression or anxiety being at epidemic level could further worsen the digestive disorder. There are various digestive disorders from which people are suffering on a regular basis such as constipation, bloated stomach, gas issues anal fissures and colitis.

Correcting lifestyle habits and introducing a proper diet could considerably improve the digestive system and avert the chances of being prone to issues related to digestion. Sivanna health care centre offers a holistic approach to heal and cure the digestive system disorders. To know more visit sivannahealth.com.au

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Cure For All Ailments: Ayurvedic Nutrition

Ayurveda is a system of medicine that embraces a proper diet, yoga, herbal preparations and other modalities. The concept of Ayurveda is based on three doshas i.e. Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Keeping these three constituents in proper balance in the human body is essential to maintain the good well being of a human being. Unhealthy body signifies the doshas are not in balance and are in a condition known as vikriti (diverged from nature).

A balanced diet and a right lifestyle could considerably improve the body. Ayurvedic nutrition is the answer to all your doubts and can accentuate your health condition.

Better life balance

Ayurvedic nutrition works in a way to put your mind and body in a space, which can aid in balancing your overall life.
Ayurvedic nutrition also helps in improving the immune health of people especially suffering from chronic health issues such as cancer, diabetes and various other cardiac conditions. Diet is considered to help in restoring the body’s health by nourishing it with foods that are strengthening and not causing any further trouble.

Unlike any other type of diet, which many people take, Ayurvedic nutrition not only provides your body with healthy eating but it also helps in losing weight. The current weight loss plans and supplements damage the body by burning vital nutrients besides fats.

Ayurvedic nutrition is one of the key constituents to finding the ideal balance within oneself, which is the centre of Ayurveda. There are a plethora of benefits associated with Ayurvedic nutrition and can be rewarding throughout life. To know more about the same visit sivannahealth.com.au

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Ayurvedic Nutrition And Its Consituents

‘You are what you eat.’ Does that sound recognizable? I am sure you have heard this line before particularly if you are just acquainting yourself with many ways to stay healthy. Most of the physical and mental disorders of the modern population are the result of the incorrect eating habits. They can, however be corrected and cured with a proper diet.

As per the Ayurvedic nutrition one of the best approaches for optimum health is to unite the principals and wisdom of the ayurvedic philosophy with its different constitutions (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and regulate them for people in the modern world. Ayurveda nutrition is based on three constitutions: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Vata is light, dry, cold and uneven. Vata people have a thin body structure. Their skin, hair, nails are dry and their body gets rapidly cold, particularly the hands and feet. A Vata person’s mind is usually busy and they find it very hard to relax. Vatas have a propensity to have high level of nervousness, worry and anxiety.

Pitta is hot, oily and bad-tempered. People with a Pitta constitution have a standard athletic body type and the body is generally warm, sweat quickly. People with the pitta constitution have soft skin and hair usually tends to fall quickly or grey early. Pittas are vigorous, logical thinkers but can easily loose temper.

Kapha is cold, wet and steady. Kapha people have round body thicker bones. Generally, it is difficult for them to lose weight. Skin and hair is soft, oily and healthy. Kaphas can easily get lazy, unconcerned and attached. They have a propensity to suffer from respiratory problems, tiredness and depression. Ayurvedic nutrition considers these all constituents and people associated with them in a holistic way. The health centers who practice the Ayurvedic nutrition ensures that an individual is cured from root. To know more visit www.sivannahealth.com.au

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Always Tired And Fatigued? Look For The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue is a severe medical condition that hampers the life of thousands of people all across the world. The accurate cause of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is still unknown, although many professionals have their own theories about the exact cause.

The gland called adrenal resides in the body is liable for secreting hormones into the bloodstream. Cortisol and DHEA controls this gland.
Chronic fatigue syndrome at times causes the adrenal gland to overwork, and hence levels of these hormones are exhausted. This can influence the body’s natural hormone balance.

Most of the chronic fatigue sufferers face a problem that affects the hypothalamus. It is still not clear why the HPA axis is affected in patients.

Patients can take various supplements and herbs. This helps in restoring adrenal function and thus the fatigue as a result of a dysfunction adrenal gland.

Patients who suffer from the chronic fatigue often have a weak immune system; therefore, vitamin supplements could help them a lot in boosting the immune system. In addition, they can help your body to shield itself from any viral or bacterial infections.

There is some connection in patients between the functioning of the adrenal gland and chronic fatigue. Many patients suffering from chronic fatigue have a lower functioning adrenal gland. If you also experience increased tiredness then you should visit your the doctor or a health center that provides a holistic approach to the fatigue and treats from the grassroots. Curing just the illness is not the only focus rather making an individual fit and hearty from mind, body and soul is important.

To get checked out for adrenal fatigue or chronic fatigue in Sydney search an integrative medicine doctor. Tired fatigue is little different from Chronic fatigue and you may know more about the tired fatigue Sydney at http://www.sivannahealth.com.au

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