Overview Of Adrenal Fatigue

Do you have a low stress tolerance ? Do you have declining  energy  levels and feeling  fatigued?  Do you crave  salty and spicy foods ? Do you crave sugars ?  Are you consuming a lot of caffeine ? You may be surprised to know that these symptoms can indicate that you are suffering from adrenal fatigue or adrenal nsufficiency. If you are hearing about this for the first time, let us tell you that it is a condition when the function of the adrenal gland diminishes.

In case you want to know more about Adrenal Fatigue Treatment and Symptoms, causes and cure then read further.

The causes

As we have already mentioned, adrenal fatigue occurs when the adrenal gland starts malfunctioning. The gland mobilises the body’s stress response to any sort of prolonged stimuli that may be physical, mental or psychological stress or crisis. An improper lifestyle, poor diet, chronic  or congenital illness, recurrent infections , etc. are the common triggers of adrenal fatigue.

The victims

No specific individual is more vulnerable to adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue can occur to anyone of any age, or sex . A person can experience this sort of fatigue at any point in his or her entire lifetime.

The symptoms
Symptoms of adrenal fatigue are variable but some of the common presenting symptoms include persistent unexplained fatigue, difficulty getting up in the morning, feeling unrefreshed after a good night’s sleep, fuzzy thinking, impaired memory, muscle or joint pain, tiring easily after minor exertion, mild depression, salt cravings, hypoglycaemia, a decreased capacity to handle stress, increasing irritability, a loss of enjoyment in usual activities, getting sick or experiencing more frequent infections (and taking longer to recover), low libido, feeling extremely tired between 2-4pm in the afternoon.Surprisingly some experience an energy burst lat evenings preventing them from sleeping.
So those experiencing adrenal fatigue have an impaired capacity to function in both their personal and work lives. They have significantly compromised quality of life and the complications arising directly from the diminished adrenal hormone production has many health consequences.

The treatments

There are different treatment options for adrenal fatigue. Treatment involves correcting the deficiencies that directly result from impaired adrenal function as well as correcting any end organ damage or hormone imbalances that arose from it. Correcting any biochemical and hormonal abnormalities, individual tailored prescription of oral nutritional supplements or intravenous nutritional therapy Sydney along with diet and lifestyle changes enable persons with documented impaired adrenal function to return to full health. Sometimes, corticosteroids are administered to the patients for boosting the adrenal function and reenergising them. Energy levels are restored to that of a young, healthy individual.

However, it has been found that effective coaching and counselling,and individualisation of treatments using Integrative Medicine Sydney, work better than other alternatives.


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