Integrative Medicine: A Boon For Thyroid Problems

Millions of people suffer from thyroid and related problems. Thyroid problems stem from dysfunction of thyroid gland, a gland located in throat. When this gland produces too much or too little of the thyroid hormone, a range of health issues may arise. It is highly beneficial knowing the symptoms of the problem so that it can be treated easily.

There are two types of thyroid disorders – hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Hypothyroidism means an under active thyroid gland and produces lower amounts of the thyroid hormone thyroxine. On the contrary, hyperthyroidism occurs when excess amounts of the hormone is produced due to a hyperactive thyroid gland.
Symptoms of thyroid problems.

When the gland is under active:

Tired and sluggish
Dry hair and skin
Increased need for sleep
Weak muscles
Constant feeling of cold
Poor memory
Depressed (mood changes easily)
Slow thinking
Hair loss or thinning
Weight gain
Feels the cold easily

When the gland is overactive:

Rapid heart beat
Palpitation (skipping of heart beat)
Increased sweating
Brittle nails
Loss of appetite
Hair loss and thinning

Measuring thyroid stimulating hormone ( TSH) is sometimes not adequate to diagnose thyroid issues , one may need to look the levels of free T3 and Free T4 and thyroid antibodies. There are times when you can have normal pathology tests but still depict all the symptoms of thyroid imbalance. An accurate diagnosis needs to be made so that thyroid issues can be managed more effectively.

Effective management of thyroid problems can be offered with Integrative medicine. Sydney Thyroid problems are well managed from Sydney’s integrative clinic Sivanna Health. Often an integrative approach looks at the whole and the balance of other hormones that may influence the functioning of the thyroid gland.

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