Your Personal Guide To Thyroid Problem

It is said that an individual suffers from thyroid problems when the thyroid gland starts malfunctioning. As this gland produces hormones that are necessary for normal metabolism of the body. Malfunctioning of the thyroid gland leads to numerous symptoms as listed below.

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What are the common types of thyroid related disorders?

Among the common types of thyroid problems include hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, thyroid nodules, goitre and thyroid cancer.

Why is hypothyroidism caused?

Hypothyroidism is primarily caused by an inadequate production of thyroid hormones by the thyroid gland. Not only the malfunctioning of the thyroid gland leads to hypothyroidism.  Malfunctioning of the pituitary glands and the hypothalamus can also lead to this problem.

How is hyperthyroidism caused?

Hyperthyroidism is caused when there is an excessive hormone secretion from the thyroid gland. As a result of this you develop an overactive thyroid glands, and the patient experiences an elevated metabolism.

What are the symptoms that are common between hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism?

Excessive fatigue is associated with both the types of thyroid disorders. Besides this, all other symptoms of hyperthyroidism are differ from that of hypothyroidism.

What are the prominent symptoms of hyperthyroidism?

The prominent symptoms of hyperthyroidism include a constant feeling of heat, problems in having sound sleep, anxiety, nervousness, irritation, forgetfulness, difficultly in concentration, elevated heartbeat, along with menstrual problems in women. However, the most visible sign of this problem is weight loss.

What are the prominent symptoms of hypothyroidism?

Contrary to hyperthyroidism, a person suffering from hypothyroidism gains weight rapidly. In addition, he or she experiences symptoms like dry hair and dry skin problems, depression, swelling of the thyroid gland known as a goitre, constipation, forgetfulness etc. Women suffering from this problem also experience decreased menstrual flow.


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