Ayurvedic Nutrition And Its Consituents

‘You are what you eat.’ Does that sound recognizable? I am sure you have heard this line before particularly if you are just acquainting yourself with many ways to stay healthy. Most of the physical and mental disorders of the modern population are the result of the incorrect eating habits. They can, however be corrected and cured with a proper diet.

As per the Ayurvedic nutrition one of the best approaches for optimum health is to unite the principals and wisdom of the ayurvedic philosophy with its different constitutions (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and regulate them for people in the modern world. Ayurveda nutrition is based on three constitutions: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Vata is light, dry, cold and uneven. Vata people have a thin body structure. Their skin, hair, nails are dry and their body gets rapidly cold, particularly the hands and feet. A Vata person’s mind is usually busy and they find it very hard to relax. Vatas have a propensity to have high level of nervousness, worry and anxiety.

Pitta is hot, oily and bad-tempered. People with a Pitta constitution have a standard athletic body type and the body is generally warm, sweat quickly. People with the pitta constitution have soft skin and hair usually tends to fall quickly or grey early. Pittas are vigorous, logical thinkers but can easily loose temper.

Kapha is cold, wet and steady. Kapha people have round body thicker bones. Generally, it is difficult for them to lose weight. Skin and hair is soft, oily and healthy. Kaphas can easily get lazy, unconcerned and attached. They have a propensity to suffer from respiratory problems, tiredness and depression. Ayurvedic nutrition considers these all constituents and people associated with them in a holistic way. The health centers who practice the Ayurvedic nutrition ensures that an individual is cured from root. To know more visit www.sivannahealth.com.au


About Sivanna Health

If you are seeking a total wellness solution, the Sivanna Health & Wellness concept offers a personalized, truly holistic approach that embraces Mind, Body, and Soul to create an oasis of healthy balance within the body.
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