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Integrative Medicine: The Panacea For Common Health Conditions

The constantly changing field of medicine has brought up various medical treatments be it ancient or modern. These alternative techniques are used to harmonise traditional medicine. In one particular field of medicine, these substitute techniques play a vital role in … Continue reading

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Bio- Identical Hormone Replacement For Women

Forty to fifty is the age where many hormone related problems begin to set in. These problems could be associated to hormonal dysfunctioning. With the advent of science and technology, a modern method named Bio-identical Hormone replacement has emerged for … Continue reading

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Have A Healthy And Lively Life With Revolutionary Ways

Hormonal imbalance is a common health condition faced by almost everyone in the age group of 20 to 60. Women are in the majority , when suffering from hormonal imbalances. Right from their teens with puberty onset to the menopause, … Continue reading

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Thyroid Problems And Its Cure

Dysfunction of the thyroid glands cause thyroid problems. Knowing the what to look out for could help in getting the right diagnosis and treatment. There are basically two types of thyroid disorders – hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Hypothyroidism: It occurs when … Continue reading

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Improve Your Health With Integrative Medicine

There is increasing technology in all areas of expertise. The medical field is also experiencing the same scenario with more advanced and better treatments. Some of these treatments are discovered from ancient times. The traditional medical techniques are amalgamated with … Continue reading

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Balance Every Aspect Of Your Life Through Health And Life Coaching

With constant increasing toxicity infecting our environment, and a food supply almost void of nutrients, it’s crucial that we all take the onus for educating ourselves about the basics. Certain questions that we all should ask ourself such as, why … Continue reading

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Fix Your Digestive System Disorders

Digestive system disorders impact the abdomen, liver, colon, intestines and various other components of the body linked to human digestion. Anxiety and stress can make any digestive disorder difficult to treat. Appendicitis, Celiac disease, abdominal cancers, gallstones, and Crohn’s disease … Continue reading

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